Inamulla Building Raided by PFA

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A day before Bakr Id, People For Animals, Uttarakhand accompanied by a sub inspector and 2 constables, conducted a surprise raid of the infamous Inamulla Building on Gandhi Road. They found that goats and buffaloes were being slaughtered illegally in the lanes and their meat sold in shops on the Shalimar hotel street in the building area.

Five shop keepers admitted on record that they butchered buffaloes and goats on the roadside and sold the meat in their shops.Slaughtering animals without license is a violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and sections 429, 268 and 269 of the Indian Penal Code. Due to the illegal slaughter of animals on the roadside, the sewers were chocked with animal remains which are also dumped in the open on the street which had created stinking unhygienic conditions that invite various diseases and cause horror and inconvenience to the public.

It is noteworthy that no such raid has ever been conducted on the Inamulla building prior to this and the illegal slaughterhouse has been conducting brisk business for decades and will continue to do so if the police does not take action even after this expose`.



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  • Prateek

    why dont we fight the case.I feel sad and horrified when i see the world has lost humanity.

  • V.PANT

    Such insane cruelty and pitiless slaughter of animals in the PUNYA-BHOOMI BHARAT land of AHIMSA,great rishis and munis where we believe in the PRESENCE and EXISTENCE OF EESHVARA in EVERY ATOM,EVERYTHING LIVING ,NON-LIVING -ANIMATE – INANIMATE- FROM THE SUB-MICROSCOPIC INVISIBLE TO THE GIGANTIC AND VISIBLE
    is really very very disturbing and unbelievable!!!
    Let us join hands- heart and soul to stop such cruelty to innocent mute creatures of GOD;
    We indeed will have to bear and suffer the consequences of such actionsKARMIC PHALAM which is MOST SCIENTIFIC and is the ESSENCE OF SANATANA DHARMA!!!
    LET US UNITE OUR EFFORTS IN EVERY WAY- by way of speaking to others in educating,
    and by our own actions setting examples to STOP THIS HIMSA IN THE PUNYA BHOOMI OF BHARATAM.