Sanjivani Express Launched

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sanjivani express

While having our morning brew, few ever wonder what happened to the calf whose rightful share of milk has been spared for us. The very same calves, bred so that we may have our delightful dairy delicacies, are the ones that are roam the streets of our city and cause a traffic ‘menace’.

People For Animals (Uttarakhand) launched Sanjeevani Express, its mobile feeding service for homeless cattle in Dehradun on January 9. Animal lover and senior member of the Citizens For Green Doon (CFGD) group Rita Singh inaugurated this mobile feeding service along with Mr Pushkar Singh Dhami, Chairman of the Urban Development Board, at the GPO on Sunday. Sri Dhami also accepted to be a member of People for Animals and offered to help in all it’s future projects.

From here the Sanjeevani Express travelled to different localities of the town to feed  over 100 homeless cattle. The launch of this service also marked the start of cooperation between the PFA and Citizens for Green Doon in efforts undertaken to facilitate a green and healthy environment in Dehradun. The PFA Uttarakhand Member Secretary Gauri Maulekhi said that the Sanjeevani Express mobile feeding service will provide fodder to stray cattle in different localities of the town on a periodic basis. The credit for conceptualizing and implementing this activity goes to the young and enthusiastic volunteers of the core field team of PFA, Ankit Jain and Ankit Chadha. PFA plans to operate
the mobile service on a weekly basis at present but depending on donations, the homeless cattle can also be fed on a daily basis in the future.

The CFGD is a group of aware citizens concerned about the environment who have worked for raising public awareness and eliciting government action on
issues like illegal and unnecessary felling of green trees in the city. As the PFA also believes in facilitating a green and healthy environment for both humans and animals, it was thought that by cooperating with each other, the  consolidated efforts of both these bodies will prove more beneficial for the public, environment and animals.

Fodder for each trip of the Sanjeevani Express costs around Rs1,500 and PFA is confident that they will be able to find 365 concerned citizens from Dehradun who will help make it a daily service. For those who may be interested in commemorating their special days by funding a day’s meal, are also offered guided tours to witness the joy of giving. “The contribution,” adds Maulekhi “is not a philanthropic act but a moral responsibility of each one who consumes milk products.

Sanjeevani Express attempts to reach out to abandoned and starved cattle which are a result of our insatiable appetite for milk products.”

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